Leif Eriksson



I'm a versatile and experienced developer with a range of back-end, front-end and mobile application skills.

I have extensive Java development and architecture experience in enterprise environments.

I have 20+ years of industry experience in software development on a variety of different platforms.

I have worked on a number of projects in different countries, and I'm driven by a passion to dig in and learn new skillsets as new technologies emerge.


Job Roles
Software Developer
Software Architect
Database Modeller
IT Support
Professional Skills
Programming Languages
Java (13 Years)
JavaScript (13 Years)
Bash (5 Years)
SQL (3 Years)
PHP (2 Years)
C++ (3 Months)
Java specific Technology
JEE (8 Years)
Spring boot (18 Months)
JUnit (6 Years)
Apache Camel (18 Months)
Android (8 Months)
Clientside Technology
HTML5/4 (12 Years)
CSS3/CSS2 (12 Years)
Elasticsearch (18 Months)
MySQL (4 Years)
PostgreSQL (6 Months)
Oracle (1 Years)
DevOps & Automation
Jenkins (5 Years)
OpenShift/Kubernetes (2 Years)
Docker (2 Years)
Ansible (2 Years)
Maven (3 Years)
Ant (5 Years)
Professional Skills
WAS/Liberty (3 Years)
JBoss (5 Years)
Apache (4 Years)
Tomcat (6 Months)
InteliJ IDEA (3 Years)
EClipse (10 Years)
Emacs (14 Years)
Version Control
GIT (3 Years)
Jazz (18 Months)
CVS/SVN (5 Years)
Operating Systems
Linux (8 Years)
OSX (5 Years)
Windows (13 Years)
Android (4 Years)
Graphics & Audio Software
Photoshop (2 Years)
Logic Pro (1 Year)
Language Skills


1) Ericsson 2020-10 - 2022-12 Remote, Finland

IT Consultant, Senior Developer
Technology & Tools
Java11, Vaadin, Akka, Apache Camel, Spring Boot, JBehave, Junit, Robot Framework, Oracle DB, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, AMQ, Docker, Docker Compose, OpenShift/Kubernetes, Ansible, GIT, Gerrit, SonarQube, Jenkins/CI/CD, eSIM, eUICC, Subscription Management
China Telecom, KDDI, Telco, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Arkessa, Singtel, many more

2) Kela 2017-10 - 2019-03 Helsinki, Finland

IT Consultant, Microservice Developer
Technology & Tools
Java8, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Apache Camel, Apache ActiveMQ, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, SQL, Docker, Kibana, Swagger, Integrations (REST, WS, AS4 OASIS ebMS 3.0, etc), JUnit, JSF, PrimeFaces, Jenkins, Sonar, Graylog, SaltStack, CentOS, Shell Scripting, Maven, GIT, IBM Jazz, Scrum, Robot Framework

3) If Insurance 2014-10 - 2016-02 Espoo, Finland

IT Consultant, Architect Back end Developer
Technology & Tools
Java7, WebSphere Liberty, WAS8.5, Edition Rollouts, JUnit/PowerMock, Logback, Distributed caching (DynaCache), DB2, SQL, Async JAX-WS, WSDL/XSD, DeployXL, Ant, Maven, GIT, Jenkins, Continuous Delivery, Scrum, Eclipse, Windows

4) Gredi Oy 2014-05 - 2014-09 Espoo, Finland

IT Consultant, Front end Developer
Technology & Tools
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Java4, JSP

5) If Insurance 2013-02 - 2013-10 Espoo, Finland

IT Consultant, Developer, Application Migrator
Technology & Tools
WAS6, WAS8, Java6, Web Services, SOAP, REST, UbiSecure Ubilogin SAML SP, DeployIt, DB2, SQL, Maven, ClearCase, RAD, Windows

6) Gredi Oy 2013-01 - 2013-01 Espoo, Finland

IT Consultant, Developer
Technology & Tools
Java5, Lucene, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JBoss, MySQL, SQL, Eclipse, Linux

7) If Insurance 2011-02 - 2012-10 Espoo, Finland

IT Consultant, Developer
Technology & Tools
JBoss7, WAS6, WAS8, Java6, OSGi, OWASP, JUnit, Web Services, SOAP, REST, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, DB2, SQL, ClearCase, Jenkins, Continuous Delivery, Ant, RSA, GIT, Scrum, Eclipse, Linux, Windows

8) Brandwind Oy 2005-04 - 2010-06 Helsinki, Finland

Developer, Architect, Database Modeller, Server Maintainer
Technology & Tools
J2EE, Java4, EJB2, XDoclet, Struts, Ant, JSP, PHP, Perl, PDFLib, ImageMagick, GhostScript, Shell Script, AWK, MySQL, SQL, JBoss4, HTML4, CSS2, JavaScript, JQuery, ExtJS, TinyMCE, XML, XSLT, CVS, JMeter, Eclipse, Emacs, Linux, Solaris 7
Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Paulig, Restel, Kemira

9) Cidercone Oy 2004-12 - 2005-04 Helsinki, Finland

Developer, Database Modeller
Technology & Tools
Java4, Tomcat, PostGreSQL, SQL, XHTML, CSS, Emacs, NetBeans, Windows, Linux

10) Digital Craft LE 2004-01 - 2004-12 Helsinki, Finland

Developer, Architect, Database Modeller
Technology & Tools
PHP, Apache, MySQL, SQL, Java, AWT, JavaDocs, JSP, Flash, ActionScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AWStats, Windows, Linux

11) MMG Monimedia Group Oy 2002-08 - 2003-02 Espoo, Finland

Software Developer, Database Modeller
Technology & Tools
PHP, MySQL, SQL, Apache, JavaScript, DHTML/HTML, CSS

12) Proxicom 2000-11 - 2002-03 London, UK & Paris, France

Technical Consultant
Technology & Tools
JavaScript, DHTML/HTML, CSS, WAP, XML, XSLT, JSP, XSL-FO, FOP, Notepad++, Documentum, BroadVision, Photoshop, Windows
Renault, Manchester United Football Club, E-Peopleserve, AstraZeneca, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, Royal & SunAlliance Pension Solution, Abbey National

13) Västra Nyland 1999-05 - 2000-10 Ekenäs, Finland

IT Support Person, Graphical Designer
Technology & Tools
Photoshop, FreeHand, CorelDraw, QuarkXpress, InDesign, Ilmo, Windows



Helia University of Applied Sciences, Adult education (2004 - 2005 Helsinki)

Åbo Akademi University (1994 - 1997 Turku)


Software Development (Ongoing)

Guitar teacher (1999)

Voluntary Work (1999)

Army (1993-1994)



email: leif@leif.fi
LinkedIn: LinkedIn
www: https://leif.fi/
GitHub: https://github.com/leerikss