Leif Eriksson

Full Stack Developer


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Job Roles
Software Developer
Software Architect
Database Modeller
IT Support
Professional skills
Programming Languages
Java (13 Years)
JavaScript (13 Years)
Bash (5 Years)
SQL (3 Years)
PHP (2 Years)
C++ (3 Months)
Java specific Technology
JEE (8 Years)
Spring boot (18 Months)
JUnit (6 Years)
Apache Camel (18 Months)
Android (8 Months)
Clientside Technology
HTML5/4 (12 Years)
CSS3/CSS2 (12 Years)
Elasticsearch (18 Months)
MySQL (4 Years)
PostgreSQL (6 Months)
Oracle (1 Years)
DevOps & Automation
Jenkins (5 Years)
OpenShift/Kubernetes (2 Years)
Docker (2 Years)
Ansible (2 Years)
Maven (3 Years)
Ant (5 Years)
WAS/Liberty (3 Years)
JBoss (5 Years)
Apache (4 Years)
Tomcat (6 Months)
InteliJ IDEA (3 Years)
EClipse (10 Years)
Emacs (14 Years)
Version Control
GIT (3 Years)
Jazz (18 Months)
CVS/SVN (5 Years)
Operating Systems
Linux (8 Years)
OSX (5 Years)
Windows (13 Years)
Android (4 Years)
Graphics & Audio Software
Photoshop (2 Years)
Logic Pro (1 Year)
Language skills


I'm a versatile and experienced developer with a range of back-end, front-end and mobile application skills.

I have extensive Java development and architecture experience in enterprise environments.

I have 20+ years of industry experience in software development on a variety of different platforms.

I have worked on a number of projects in different countries, and I'm driven by a passion to dig in and learn new skillsets as new technologies emerge.

Work Experience

1) Ericsson 2020-10 - 2022-12 Remote, Finland

IT Consultant, Senior Developer
  • Part of Scrum teams building the Ericsson IoT Accelerator - a platform that enables enterprises to easily deploy, manage and scale their global IoT business
  • Responsible for implementing new features and fixes related to eSIM and Subscription Management, on a multitude of established applications and APIs using quite a wide tech stack
Technology & Tools
Java11, Vaadin, Akka, Apache Camel, Spring Boot, JBehave, Junit, Robot Framework, Oracle DB, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, AMQ, Docker, Docker Compose, OpenShift/Kubernetes, Ansible, GIT, Gerrit, SonarQube, Jenkins/CI/CD, eSIM, eUICC, Subscription Management
China Telecom, KDDI, Telco, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Arkessa, Singtel, many more

2) Kela 2017-10 - 2019-03 Helsinki, Finland

IT Consultant, Microservice Developer
  • Contracted for The Finnish Social Insurance Institution
  • Member of a team building the EU funded EESSI system (Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information)
  • EESSI is an IT system for exchanging cross-border social security data between EU member states
  • Tasked to build a number of Microservices on the Java platform
Technology & Tools
Java8, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Apache Camel, Apache ActiveMQ, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, SQL, Kibana, Swagger, Integrations (REST, WS, AS4 OASIS ebMS 3.0, etc), JUnit, JSF, PrimeFaces, Jenkins, Sonar, Graylog, SaltStack, CentOS, Shell Scripting, Maven, GIT, IBM Jazz, Scrum, Robot Framework

3) If Insurance 2014-10 - 2016-02 Espoo, Finland

IT Consultant, Architect Back end Developer
  • Tasked to rebuild the If Insurance user portal ("If kansio") from scratch according to business requirements
  • Part of a Scrum team with the main focus on Java architecture and implementation as well as problem solving various technical tasks
  • Building automation scripts for deployment, CI, JUnit, and the management of other system artifacts
  • GIT consulting
  • Technical documentation
Technology & Tools
Java7, WebSphere Liberty, WAS8.5, Edition Rollouts, JUnit/PowerMock, Logback, Distributed caching (DynaCache), DB2, SQL, Async JAX-WS, WSDL/XSD, DeployXL, Ant, Maven, GIT, Jenkins, Continuous Delivery, Scrum, Eclipse, Windows

4) Gredi Oy 2014-05 - 2014-09 Espoo, Finland

IT Consultant, Front end Developer
  • User Interface facelift project
  • Tasked to design and implement a smoother frontend experience using the latest UI technology available at the time
Technology & Tools
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Java4, JSP

5) If Insurance 2013-02 - 2013-10 Espoo, Finland

IT Consultant, Developer, Application Migrator
  • Tasked to migrate a number of JEE applications from the WAS6 platform to WAS8
  • Technical support person for other developers regarding the migration process
  • Tasked to automate processes for a quicker deployment cycle
  • Developed new features for various JEE applications according to the business requirements
  • Responsible for integrating the UbiSecure Ubilogin SSO
Technology & Tools
WAS6, WAS8, Java6, Web Services, SOAP, REST, UbiSecure Ubilogin SAML SP, DeployIt, DB2, SQL, Maven, ClearCase, RAD, Windows

6) Gredi Oy 2013-01 - 2013-01 Espoo, Finland

IT Consultant, Developer
  • Developed urgently required new features for a JEE based web application
Technology & Tools
Java5, Lucene, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JBoss, MySQL, SQL, Eclipse, Linux

7) If Insurance 2011-02 - 2012-10 Espoo, Finland

IT Consultant, Developer
  • WAS6 JEE application developer
  • Team member on an agile-managed software project
  • Rewrote old JEE applications using the latest technology of the time, such as the OSGi component model
  • JUnit test case programming
  • Part of the team planning for the upcoming WAS8 migration project
  • In charge of the overall frontend visual renewal using the latest CSS and JavaScript features
Technology & Tools
JBoss7, WAS6, WAS8, Java6, OSGi, OWASP, JUnit, Web Services, SOAP, REST, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, DB2, SQL, ClearCase, Jenkins, Continuous Delivery, Ant, RSA, GIT, Scrum, Eclipse, Linux, Windows

8) Brandwind Oy 2005-04 - 2010-06 Helsinki, Finland

Developer, Architect, Database Modeller, Server Maintainer
  • Worked for a company focused on the marketing and printing industries
  • Designed and developed an online PDF editor/producer from scratch, including the database, the back-end and the front-end. Some of the features included
    • Production of dynamic high-quality PDFs covering printing aspects such as ICC profiles, CMYK images, and OTF/Type1 font embedding
    • Easy drag & drop UI using the latest Ajax features of the time
  • Designed and developed an online email marketing tool from scratch. Features included
    • Drag & Drop WYSIWYG editor
    • Automated Email delivery reports
  • In charge of the application overall UI upgrade using the latest ExtJS technology of the time
  • Maintained the Linux servers, the database and the software. Developed various serverside scripts handling tasks such as backup, stress monitoring and critical error alerts
Technology & Tools
J2EE, Java4, EJB2, XDoclet, Struts, Ant, JSP, PHP, Perl, PDFLib, ImageMagick, GhostScript, Shell Script, AWK, MySQL, SQL, JBoss4, HTML4, CSS2, JavaScript, JQuery, ExtJS, TinyMCE, XML, XSLT, CVS, JMeter, Eclipse, Emacs, Linux, Solaris 7
Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Paulig, Restel, Kemira

9) Cidercone Oy 2004-12 - 2005-04 Helsinki, Finland

Developer, Database Modeller
  • Worked for a company targeting mainly mobile platforms
  • Team member building a global cargo tracking system. The system consisted of a serverside database driven J2EE application, and a Cisco mobile client for scanning the cargo barcodes
  • Developed a dynamic Web application for Nokia. End-user GUI was strictly targeted for S60 mobile devices.
Technology & Tools
Java4, Tomcat, PostGreSQL, SQL, XHTML, CSS, Emacs, NetBeans, Windows, Linux

10) Digital Craft LE 2004-01 - 2004-12 Helsinki, Finland

Developer, Architect, Database Modeller
  • I worked for my own company delivering applications for various customers
  • Developed Java APIs, Servlets, JSP pages, Java clients and Applets with AWT GUIs
  • Produced technical documentation and JavaDocs
  • Designed and developed a LAMP web application from scratch using a strict MVC pattern. The application included a public site, and a SSL admin site. A few of the features included
    • Administration of student courses as well as means for applying to courses
    • Dynamic Data conversion; conversion of data into tailored Excel spreadsheets as well as PDF files
    • A custom-made CMS for administration of site navigation and content, including an advanced JavaScript WYSIWYG editor (at the time there were no such freely available)
    • A custom built caching system optimizing page response time and server load
  • Designed and developed a web application from scratch, including a CMS and a shopping cart system. The GUI was entirely written in Flash, using the latest ActionScript OO approach at the time
Technology & Tools
PHP, Apache, MySQL, SQL, Java, AWT, JavaDocs, JSP, Flash, ActionScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AWStats, Windows, Linux

11) MMG Monimedia Group Oy 2002-08 - 2003-02 Espoo, Finland

Software Developer, Database Modeller
  • Team member building an Intranet LAMP application from scratch. The application was aimed for sharing/administrating company internal data, as well as internal communication via message boards and instant chat
  • Contributed to the database architecture as well as programming the application
Technology & Tools
PHP, MySQL, SQL, Apache, JavaScript, DHTML/HTML, CSS

12) Proxicom 2000-11 - 2002-03 London, UK & Paris, France

Technical Consultant
  • Worked as a Technical Consultant in the Multi-Media department for a global E-business Consultancy
  • Programmed a large number of advanced cross-browser JavaScript/DHTML applications used on various client projects
  • In charge of developing general usage JavaScript libs (similar to later introduced JQuery), for delivering SPA user experiences
  • XML/XSLT publishing was in fashion in those days. I used these technologies on various projects, such as dynamic PDF generation via XSL-FO/FOP, as well as integration with the Documentum Content Management System
  • Participated in building an interactive dTV banking application on the Liberate Platform
  • Responsible for both front-end and back-end development using the Broadvision Content Management system whilst on a 6 month assignment in Paris
Technology & Tools
JavaScript, DHTML/HTML, CSS, WAP, XML, XSLT, JSP, XSL-FO, FOP, Notepad++, Documentum, BroadVision, Photoshop, Windows
Renault, Manchester United Football Club, E-Peopleserve, AstraZeneca, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, Royal & SunAlliance Pension Solution, Abbey National

13) Västra Nyland 1999-05 - 2000-10 Ekenäs, Finland

IT Support Person, Graphical Designer
  • Worked as an IT support person and graphical designer for a provincial Swedish-language newspaper
  • Obtained, installed and trained usage of graphical hardware and software tools
  • Provided graphical designs for customers. Tasked with recruiting new designers
Technology & Tools
Photoshop, FreeHand, CorelDraw, QuarkXpress, InDesign, Ilmo, Windows


Other experience

Software Development (Ongoing)

  • I've built a variety of software apps and systems, some that can be found at github
    • A foot pedal device for scrolling text over Bluetooth (ESP32 microcontroller/C++ & Android config app/Kotlin)
    • An IoT microcontroller app written in C++, including a custom made 3D enclosure, for monitoring water level
    • A NodeJS app for generating Finnish invoices (PDF & HTML) including valid QR & barcodes
    • A baby monitoring system streaming bidirectional audio/video streams between various devices, written in NodeJS & React
    • A Raspberry PI/Kindle IOT project for my sail boat written mainly in C++ and Java
    • Outdated projects include J2ME Midlets, OSX Widgets, an audio/video Flash communication application, and many more
    • Various Android applications for mobile phones and car head units written in Java & Kotlin

Guitar teacher (1999)

  • Worked as a guitar teacher for Karis Merborgarinstitut (Finland)

Voluntary Work (1999)

  • I Worked for the Calcutta Mother Theresa Mission whilst backpacking in India and Nepal

Army (1993-1994)

  • Eight months National Service in the Finnish Army


Helia University of Applied Sciences, Adult education (2004 - 2005 Helsinki)

  • Main Subject: Information Technology
  • Degree: BBA Pending

Åbo Akademi University (1994 - 1997 Turku)

  • Main Subject: Comparative Religion
  • Minor Subject: Philosophy, Psychology
  • Degree: BA Pending


  • Composing and playing music. I play mainly guitar, but also keyboards and drums
  • Winter times slalom skiing
  • In high hopes that you never read this far, I'm also quite fond of singing karaoke...